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Saskia GieblSaskia Giebl

Saskia, Ph.D.(c) investigates cognitive processes that enhance long-term learning and transfer of knowledge to new learning circumstances in the classroom, the workplace, and in sports. Specifically, she focuses on types of practice that promote effective activities and conditions for lasting learning to occur.

As an active liaison between learning scientists and the general public, Saskia gives presentations and provides workshops/seminars on how we can master lasting learning to both academic and business audiences. As well, her expertise extends to the sports field where she applies science-based training methodologies to promote better performance.


Jordan BrabecJordan Brabec

Jordan is a fifth-year graduate student humbled to be a part of the Bjork lab. Broadly interested in the intersection of cognitive research and educational practice, Jordan is currently most interested in examining whether and how the true-false test, which is frequently derided as an ineffective, or even harmful, test format, can be optimized to elicit more generative retrieval processes, enhance the retention of accurate information, reduce the influence of negative suggestion, and promote transfer. Some of Jordan’s other, nonacademic interests include music composition and performance, plant-based cooking, theatre, and caring for his dog, Hershel, who is far too cute for his own good. After earning his PhD, Jordan plans to explore a career path in the private sector, applying his training as a cognitive psychologist in ways that, with any luck, might enhance the iterative improvement of our world.


Megan ImundoMegan Imundo

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Megan is a third-year graduate student interested in improving learning through strengthening the encoding and retrieval of accurate information and rejection of inaccurate information. She also has a specific interest in learning from non-traditional sources.


Dillon MurphyDillon Murphy


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My research interests include memory capacity (both long-term and working memory), selectivity in learning and memory, false or distorted memories, metacognition, attention, intelligence, and how these things change over the course of life. Additionally, I am interested in many applied aspects of learning and memory.


Ashley ChenAshley Chen




Lab Manager and Staff Research Associate

George BandekGeorge Bandek

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Cogfog Alumni

Name Position in Bjork Lab Current Position Current Institution
Michael Anderson  Ph.D. Student  Senior Scientist + Programme Leader  MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit
Genna Angello  Lab Manager  Ph.D. Student  Texas A&M University
Erin Sparck  PhD Student  Post Doc  Center for Educational Assessment UCLA
Aaron Benjamin  Ph.D. Student  Professor of Psychology  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Monica Birnbaum  Ph.D. Student     
Doe Buchli  Ph.D. Student  Assistant Professor  Mercer University
Courtney Clark  PhD Student/Post Doc  Lecturer  UCLA
Patricia deWinstanley  Ph.D. Student  Professor of Psychology  Oberlin College
Jason Finley  Lab Manager  Post-Doctoral Research Associate  Washington University in St. Louis
Michael Garcia  Ph.D. Student     
Todd Gross  Ph.D. Student  Faculty  University of California, Santa Barbara
Matthew Hays  Ph.D. Student  Senior Director of Research and Analytics  Amplifire
Oliver Kliegl  Post Doc  Post Doc  Regensburg University
Nate Kornell  Post Doc  Associate Professor  Williams College
Jeri Little  Ph.D. Student  Assistant Professor  Hillsdale College
Stefany Mena  Lab Manager  Ph.D. Student  University of California, Los Angeles
Janet Metcalfe  Post Doc  Professor of Psychology  Columbia
Toshiya Miyatsu  Lab Manager  Research Scientist  Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition
John F. Nestojko  Ph.D. Student  Post-Doctoral Research Associate  Washington University in St. Louis
Steven C. Pan  Post Doc  Assistant Professor  National University of Singapore
Lindsey Richland  Post Doc  Associate Professor  University of Chicago
Daniel Schieffer  Lab Manager  Law Student  University of California, Irvine
Nick Soderstrom  Post Doc  Assistant Professor  Dickinson College
Barbara Spellman  Ph.D. Student  Professor of Law  University of Virginia
Derek Stoeckenius  Lab Manager  Graduate Student  University of California, San Diego
Benjamin Storm  Ph.D. Student  Associate Professor  University of California, Santa Cruz
Victor Sungkhasettee  Lab Manager     
John Walker  Lab Manager  Political Science  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Veronica Yan  Ph.D. Student / Post Doc  Assistant Professor  University of Texas at Austin
Carole Yue  Ph.D. Student  Assistant Professor  Covenant College
Inez Zung  Lab Manager  Ph.D. Student  University of California, San Diego