Principal Investigators

Post-Doctoral Research Associates

Courtney ClarkCourtney Clark

Courtney is a post-doc in the Bjork lab. She is currently focusing on the the effects of errors on later learning.


Oliver KlieglOliver Kliegl

Oliver is a visiting post-doc at the Bjork lab and he is particularly interested in how retrieval processes affect episodic recall performance, and has carried out research on the role of retrieval in several classic episodic memory tasks, like the proactive interference task, the retrieval-practice task, the list-method directed forgetting task, or the testing effect task. Furthermore, he examines the effects of retrieval practice and feedback on episodic memory performance, and is also interested in the dynamics underlying the effects of interleaved and blocked learning schedules. Indeed, considering that one of the major goals of education is to teach students how to become effective learners, knowledge about if and when a given study strategy is beneficial for learning and performance would seem crucial.


Graduate Students

Michael GarciaMichael Garcia

Michael is a sixth year graduate student currently exploring projects in a wide range of topics including: inductive learning, testing-delay interaction, directed forgetting, and the stability bias. Generally Michael is looking to conduct a mix of research that advances theoretical understanding of memory while also trying to apply basic research to educationally relevant situations.


Saskia GieblSaskia Giebl

Saskia is a 2nd year graduate student and interested in cognitive processes that enhance long-term learning and transfer of knowledge to new circumstances in the classroom and in sports.


Erin SparckErin Sparck

Erin is a fifth year graduate student with broad interests focusing on the application of cognitive psychology to educational practice including how to improve learners’ metacognitive awareness for effective study strategies, how to improve learning through effective testing, and how to activate already known, but seemingly unrecallable “marginal knowledge.” Currently, her main focus is using a confidence-weighted multiple-choice test format to improve productive retrieval processes during testing.


Lab Manager and Staff Research Associate

Derek StoeckeniusDerek Stoeckenius

Derek started in the Bjork Lab last year under the direction of Veronica X. Yan, now a post-doctoral researcher at USC. His work revolves around differential spacing of inductive learning and the interaction between people and their computers.

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Cogfog Alumni

Name Position in Bjork Lab Current Position Current Institution
Michael Anderson  Ph.D. Student  Senior Scientist + Programme Leader  MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit
Genna Angello  Lab Manager  Ph.D. Student  Texas A&M University
Aaron Benjamin  Ph.D. Student  Professor of Psychology  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Monica Birnbaum  Ph.D. Student     
Doe Buchli  Ph.D. Student  Assistant Professor  Mercer University
Patricia deWinstanley  Ph.D. Student  Professor of Psychology  Oberlin College
Jason Finley  Lab Manager  Post-Doctoral Research Associate  Washington University in St. Louis
Todd Gross  Ph.D. Student  Faculty  University of California, Santa Barbara
Matthew Hays  Ph.D. Student     
Nate Kornell  Post Doc  Associate Professor  Williams College
Jeri Little  Ph.D. Student  Assistant Professor  Hillsdale College
Janet Metcalfe  Post Doc  Professor of Psychology  Columbia
Toshiya Miyatsu  Lab Manager  Ph.D. Student  Washington University in St. Louis
John F. Nestojko  Ph.D. Student  Post-Doctoral Research Associate  Washington University in St. Louis
Lindsey Richland  Post Doc  Associate Professor  University of Chicago
Daniel Schieffer  Lab Manager  Law Student  University of California, Irvine
Nick Soderstrom  Post Doc  Assistant Professor  Dickinson College
Barbara Spellman  Ph.D. Student  Professor of Law  University of Virginia
Benjamin Storm  Ph.D. Student  Associate Professor  University of California, Santa Cruz
Victor Sungkhasettee  Lab Manager     
John Walker  Lab Manager  Political Science  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Veronica Yan  Ph.D. Student / Post Doc  Assistant Professor  University of Texas at Austin
Carole Yue  Ph.D. Student  Assistant Professor  Covenant College